KCA Malayalee Sangamam 2011 in Paris

For an evening that began with a cautious welcome note, it turned out to be spectacular. When the speaker welcomed the guest, he reminded everyone the informal setting of the event. So, he advised everyone to be at home and also to forgive if the events do not match up to professional standards. In his words, it is our kids who are organizing shows. Two hours into the program, I was happy to be there, listening to people speaking in my language and a night of music & dance. Is there any Indian program without music & dance?

The event was honoring the coming holidays - Xmas, New Year etc. When you are an expatriate, you celebrate holidays on different dates. If you analyze, it makes perfect sense. Everyone has plans for the holidays and it is not feasible to have a social gathering on the real holiday. I had to leave early. So, I missed the wine and food. In case you are an expatriate like me, you can check out the KCA website. Usually, they organize an event every few months. It is a good opportunity if you miss Kerala while in Paris.


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