The new generation phones kill discussion

The first thing I liked after using the new generation phones was the "qwerty" keyboard. Now, I no longer have to press the keys multiple for an alphabet. A welcome relief although the next challenge was how to type on a small keyboard. When I have to type in an address or a name in an old generation phone now, it is a tedious exercise especially while sharing restaurants & locations with friends.

Most of my friends have moved to the latest models of the new generation phones. However, There are still tiny pockets of resistance. I know two of them. The first one is French. He refuses to buy a new generation model because everyone is buying it and feels no need to do this. The second is my newly acquired friend from Portugal. The work requires her to have a newer generation phone. Yet, she doesn't have one primarily because of laziness to get out there to choose one. But she brings up another valid point about conversation regarding the matter of new generation phone.

According to her, the newer generation phones have killed discussion. Earlier when you don't know something, you ask someone or even discuss & argue with someone. Now, all you do is go to google to find out. Internet has done it's part to damage conversation. The newer generation phones with easy accessibility to Internet is causing further damage.


  1. Hm.. But i feel the ambiguity will be lesser when internet is used for gathering info.

  2. @Harish - Not sure if I understood your comment. The point was gathering information from people and hence starting a discussion. When you are gathering information from internet, the discussion and conversation part is taken out.

  3. well, yeah ... i would say the 'communication' is in differenr form now ...

  4. @Ashish - Sometimes, there is no communication at all. It is just interaction with the machine!


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