Are they taking a dirty picture on Christmas day?

This has been a strange Christmas for me. This is the Christmas without a lot of friends. To be exact, this the only Christmas where I had only one friend with me to celebrate. We ended up having a non-meat-eating non-alcoholic dinner on Christmas Eve(yesterday). As a result, we got up early on Christmas Day(today) and went to Hotel Invalides, Paris to take pictures of sunrise.

Hotel Invalides has a huge open space covered in greenery on one side. On this side, the building of Air France flanks the open space. Past the open space, the bridge known as Pont Alexandre III connects two strips of land separated by River Siene. On a good day with moderate traffic in the morning, this area provides an opportunity for taking good pictures. If you are in the Champs Elysees side, then you can stand near where the bridge starts and click facing Hotel Invalides to create magic on your photographs.
View of Hotel Invalides from Champs Elysees
Pont Alexandre III has other interesting features. There are four pillars with golden sculptures on the top on all four corners. In addition to this, there are many intricate sculptures on all sides of the bridge.

After the pictures were taken, we hung around for some more time. We shot some action photography where my friend gladly played the model. It was a first for me.

That was when the strangest thing happened. A car stops in the middle of the bridge. A couple gets out. The man starts taking the pictures of the woman. The woman started shedding clothes. That is when we realized it was a nude photo shoot. It is indeed a strange way to celebrate Christmas!

PS: No, I didn't ask Santa for this! And forget it, don't email me. I don't have any more pictures!


  1. Hmmm... Interesting. To each his or her own I guess. To celebrate Christmas, that is. ;-)

  2. Added benifits of Non Alcholic Dinner!

  3. @Sudhagee - I like the way you put it. :) Yes, each to his/her own way!

    @Anonymous - It pays to be good. ;)

  4. They are well taken images. Yes, even the last one and I fervently wish you could have zoomed. You may have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Do that once more and I'll never come this blog again! ;)

  5. ok now show us the zoomed in picture. we know you have it. just one.

  6. @Anonymous - he he he. This is maximum zoom possible with the camera. As for other pictures, I assure you all have been erased! But if you appear before me with a case of exquisite liquor, I "can try" to recover these shredded files using recovery software. The keywords "can" and "try". :)

  7. OMG Was it Kelly Brook?

  8. @Anonymous - he he. Don't think so. Check out the hair color. That is not Kelly Brook. Although I wish it was. ;)


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