Books: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Garth Stein tells the story of Denny Swift through the eyes of his best friend Enzo. Enzo silently watches, provide support and on rare occasions even offer advice for Denny while the latter becomes an established car racer, meets the woman of his dreams, fathers a child and copes with the loss of his dear wife. Denny befriends Enzo when he is just two weeks old and their friendship lasts for over a decade. If you are wondering why, Enzo is a dog who is aspiring to born as a human in the next birth.

Garth successfully hooks us within the first few pages of the book with unusual perspective used for narration. He tells the story from Enzo's perspective. Essentially, this is a story of male bonding. What happens when one of the friends is mute and as intelligent as you or may be more intelligent than you. Your friend understands you very well but has to languish in frustration as he cannot communicate his thoughts effectively. Despite these handicaps, Enzo tries. This is where the book also turns into a story of loyalty, faithfulness and perseverance. Enzo is also an avid car racing enthusiast. This makes him compare life with car racing. Garth blends life's challenges to racing challenges. It is an interesting analogy even if you don't know anything about racing. This is where the book also is a story of endurance, patience and strong will which inspires & motivates you.

Pick up the book. You will find it hard to put it down.


  1. Wonderful review once again. I often wonder how you come across such books which I have certainly not seen in mainstream sections of popular books!

  2. @Aakanksha Singh - Thanks. This was a recommendation from a friend. If you are really into books, then Amazon is a good place to research on books. They have so many features that will let you stumble upon books you might like.


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