Getting in is easy, Getting out is not!

Have you ever talked to your way into trouble or confrontation? If you have, were you able to untangle yourself from it? I always end up in trouble or confrontation with my not so thoughtful words. I always do. On rare occasions, I am able to extricate myself before much harm is done with a whole lot of luck. Sometimes, it ends up badly. Now I know for sure. I'm only good at getting into trouble but not getting out of it. Unfortunate but true. Since I have felt the pain and frustration surrounding the inability to extract myself from such situations, I also admire people who can do this with ease. Last Sunday, I witnessed this in first person. 

My friend, who is blessed with quick wit and funny comebacks, was the protagonist. Both of us were in an Irish pub when my friend started talking to a lady. The lady had moved to Paris from California. I always run into Californians in Paris. But there is another overlooked fact which this lady pointed out to me. Reverse is also true. There are a lot of French nationals who move to California. The lady quoted a number of French nationals residing in California. The number seemed too high for me! Moreover, I do not remember finding a French citizen during my stay in California. But then, the relation between France and California is not the focus of this post.

Back to the main story, my friend talks to this lady from California. The conversation soon turn into flirting. To put off my friend, the lady throws in the "boyfriend" card. Her boyfriend is supposed to be there to pick her up. My friend remains unfazed with this revelation. He continues to flirt. Soon, the lady becomes uncomfortable. All of a sudden, my friend gently touches her elbow and tells her that he is messing with her. The situation is defused. The lady relaxes. And my friend continues to flirt with her.

I was observing the exchange the entire time. Most of the time, I was trying to suppress my smile when I saw my friend zeroing in strongly on her. Whenever the lady tried pushing him out using words, he came back stronger and even harder. At one point, I thought my friend had crossed the line and would have to eat his words. I don't know what happened. Is it the touch or the words that made it right? Some people, I say, have the gift!


  1. well.. i guess i know the answer...
    Its a very common female psychology... 7 out of 9 women likes men who are dominant and who keep being honey coated sweet even after getting a cold response from her ;)

  2. @Madhulika - You are the expert. So I will listen. :)

  3. I've experienced both but I've talked my way out, most of the times. And regarding the gift, yes some people are indeed gifted in that aspect :-)


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