Tell me a color starting with...

Name a color starting with an alphabet. That was the game I played with my daughter over phone. In fact, she suggested the game. I was skeptical about the game as I possess limited knowledge in this area.

Daughter: Tell me a color starting with B.

Me: Black

Daughter: Okay. Now tell me a color starting with G.

Me: Green.

Daughter: *not very happy with my answer* Tell me another one.

Me: *thinking hard* Grey

Daughter: Okay. Now, it is your turn to ask me.

Me: *thinking hard to find an alphabet which will be easy for my daughter* hmmm. Starting with P.

Daughter: Purple

Me: *surprised the answer is not "pink" and then remembers it is her favorite color* Good. Now, starting with R.

Daughter: Red

Me: Good. Now, it is your turn.

Daughter: hmmmmm. Tell me a color starting with N

Me: *panics after being unable to recall any color* hmmmmmmm

Daughter: *waiting for the color*

Me: *checks the internet quickly but finds only colors she will never identify* hmmmmmm

Daughter: *still waiting*

Me: *admits defeat* I don't know any color starting with N. You tell me.

Daughter: *giggles* The color is Nona. There is no color starting with N. I fooled you!


  1. LOL :) The pleasures of winning by 'fooled you' :) !!

    And what colors did you find on the net starting with N?

  2. @IndianHomeMaker - :) You really want to know. Here are the colors.

    Napier Green, Naples Yellow, Navajo White, Navy Blue, Neon Carrot, Neon Fuchsia, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Nile Green

  3. Maybe 'Nice' colour would have been a smart answer for a smart daughter.

  4. @Radha - :) Next time if we play this game!

  5. N is easy. Neela. I only know Neela, Pacha, Manja, Chemala.

  6. @Anonymous - :) I can't think as fast as you!

  7. Not bad!! I am going to keep Neon in mind :D

  8. haha...funny..and lovely...

  9. @BlackAndWhiteHeart - :) Thank you

  10. very nice ..a place where getting fooled made you happy!!

  11. Haha! Perhaps everyone will admit their defeat for N.

  12. @Prateek - Happy to know there are other people who has the same challenges as me!


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