Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Lapse Video of La Defense

Finally, I was able to make a time lapse video from photographs. Once you have a set of photographs, it is easy to make a video by stitching together these using Windows Movie Maker. You select the photos, set the duration for which these photos have to be displayed and also the transition time between the videos. Once you have the desired outcome, you save it as a video. But the hard part is the set of photographs!

The set of photographs have to be shot from the same angle. For this, you need a tripod. Carrying the tripod around can be a tedious task especially if you are using an overcrowded public transport system. You might look like a John Rambo with the quiver when you sling the tripod bag over your shoulders. But I doubt if the fellow passengers would treat with awe whenever the public transit vehicle makes sudden stops or wide turns resulting in the quiver poking .

The next part is to click pictures at predetermined intervals. There are fancy controllers designed for this purpose if you are in the mood to blow a small fortune.Otherwise, there is always the old fashioned way. Keep clicking by looking at the seconds needle of your watch. If you are doing this on a very cold and windy day, you better carry a pair of gloves.

The venue was La Défense, Paris. I had a tripod which was setup in Grande Arche facing Arc de Triomphe. I chose the old fashioned way to take pictures. I didn't have gloves. It was a very cold and windy day, by my standards. After clicking around 40 pictures, my hands were turning white. So, I stopped. You can see the final outcome below.


  1. Commendable effort, but would it not work better if you moved around and took pictures at the same angle and then have a transition between the pictures? I do not know much about this, but was just a thought. Meanwhile I hope you nursed the frostbitten fingers

  2. @Radha - Your suggestion would work if I want to get a 360 degree (or even a 180 degree) view of the place. I was trying out time lapse using photographs. Next aim to try time lapse using video. The hands are back to normal. Thank you for asking.

  3. would have looked better with audio.

  4. @Laks - :) I was thinking of adding a music track. I might get into trouble if I rip a popular music track.

    @Everlost - Thank you. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing.. I think it will be more effective on a video. Waiting eagerly for your trials.

  6. @Harish - Thank you for the encouraging words. Video will be more trickier. Until now, I have not seen any camera that can do it without an external device like a computer or a remote controller. Remote controller is costly. iPhone/iPad do not have any app that can be used to control the camera! :(

  7. lovely Video.. Thanks for sharing..!!


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