Why did you leave Bengaluru?

Daughter: When are you coming to India?

Me: February

Daughter: Why can't you work from Bengaluru?

Me: The office is here. So, I have to be here.

Daughter: Why did you leave Bengaluru?

Me: *searches for an answer, contemplates different topics but not too sure if she can understand any of it*

Daughter: *helps* I know!

Me: *surprised*

Daughter: Your office was giving a lot of homework. That is why you went to Paris!


  1. What brings Nonettan to Paris?
    Answer: Homework....hihi...
    (or was it Imposition?)

  2. @Anonymous - I ran away from homework. Now writing imposition. ;)

  3. I think your daughter is brilliant!

  4. @Everlost - Thank you. I guess she got the best from the gene pool. ;)

  5. Lol.. Kids have an answer for everything...

  6. @Harish - :) Yes, they do have an answer for everything. What is more important is their unique way of reasoning.

    @MagicEye - :)

  7. Your daughter must be missing you a lot...
    Why don't you really shift back to India...?? or why don't you bring your family to Paris??

  8. @Madhulika - Serious questions. My move is temporary and I do not want them to move around for this period of time. I plan to do both of the things you suggested but not in the way you have asked. :)

  9. :) Superlike your daughter thoughts and imagination.

  10. @Bagya - Thanks... for dropping by and commenting.

  11. Kids are amazing they come up with their own answers for their own questions.

    As a mother it is so easy to go on a guilt trip..so have a request..please avoid if possible. Your children will manage only if you are able to manage..

    Thanks for sharing..off to do some office work!

  12. @BeMoneyAware - :) Thank you.. for the comment and the advice.


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