You have to come for my funeral

You have to come for my funeral. When my friend put forward the strange request, the first thought that came into my mind was simple. Why are even talking about death on a Saturday evening? We are old but not that old. Moreover, it is not as if my friend is suffering from a terminal illness.

What felt strange was my nodding affirmatively to his strange request on reflex. I even forgot my golden rule. Never make any promises. That is it. It is not about making promises that you can keep. Never make any promises. If you do not make any promises, there is no uncertainty about keeping it.

In a few seconds, I gathered courage to tell him about the golden rule. He changed the assertive tone of the statement and rephrased the sentence thereby giving me flexibility and freeing me of any responsibility. I thought he deserved an explanation about the golden rule. So, I tried explaining him. He told me not to. An explanation was not needed.

I'm glad. I can articulate the reason easily. But I hate to explain every one of my action. With friends like these, you don't have!


  1. Nona, You are such a tweetheart.

  2. Strange request..hmm..nona.kya yar..u have settled in france or what? when is india calling haha cheers buddy

  3. @Ramesh - India is calling everyday. ;)

  4. friends can be really pain in the ass at times... and at times they can also be a wonderful reason to cherish life...
    Njoy :)

  5. Very strange

    I remember Jade Goody inviting all her friends before she went into final remission and then paased away

  6. @Pesto Sauce - May be she knew about her condition then. I don't think it is right to compare hers with my experience for many reasons... not jinxing it, it was more of an emotional rather than a rational one. :)


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