Books: Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide

A photographer always roams around with his/her camera with an intention to capture anything or everything around him/her. In order to be comfortable with the camera, the photographer should be aware of the governing principles behind a picture. Using this book, Bryan Peterson attempts to accomplish three things - the basic principles behind a good photograph, how to expand your thinking with respect to photographs, various equipment that comes handy in the field.

The book is ideally suited for amateurs and intermediates. As most of the concepts are explained in detail, this helps you in experimenting with your photos. Another good thing about the book is the set of photographs, found in every chapter, along with f point, shutter speed etc which helps you comprehend the importance of using different settings to extract the best out of your camera. If nothing works, you could start imitating blindly for a start.

When it comes to subjects like light metering etc, the book becomes a bit too complex to understand if you have not used this before. This is why and where you might have to come back after a few months to revisit the book.


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