Newly-formed couples!

My friend visits me on the evening of January 1st after taking a stroll in 6th arrondissement of Paris. After stepping into the apartment, he asks "You know the importance of today evening?". It is the first day of the year. The vacationing crowd is returning. My answers were limited to these option. Barring these, is there anything special about this evening? There is, according to my friend. Today is when the newly-formed couples meet again and take a stroll.

I have heard a lot of weird things in my life. If I compile a list of the weird things, this definitely will be on the top of the charts. What is newly-formed? The answer is simple - the couple who met on 31st December. It sure sounds romantic. You turn up for NYE and find someone interesting. The reality is something else. But I have never come across any couple who meets this criteria. Whomever I know belong to the boring category of having known their spouse on a difficult-to-remember-date. (The difficult-to-remember-date if the person I talk to is a guy) Alright, I will lower my resistance for this romantic notion. But, newly-formed? Is this similar to "Fellowship of Ring" or "Axis of Evil" to qualify such an adjective?

Even if I go past the adjective, I am again stuck at the stroll. What has "newly-formed" got to do with the stroll?  Is this a tradition only in France? I have never heard about this custom anywhere else in the world. Don't give me the "French are weird" statement. Give me something that can be accepted with reason. I can understand people wanting to take a stroll on 1st Jan after the festivities and the resulting hangover are history. For fresh air, I would do the same with or without company.

Questions and more questions. Never put your thinking cap on. If you do, this is what you get. Coming back to questions, there is an important one which came to my mind very late during the discussion. What was my friend doing out there? Was he taking a stroll too? Is he also a newly-formed what-do-you-call-it?


  1. Maybe they want to see what each person looks life when not dolled up for NYE? Sober? Daylight?

  2. @Melanie - :) True. But this has got nothing to do with the new year. This can happen anytime of the year too. There is no way someone is going to say this is "newly-formed" or not. About the options, I would go for the "dolled up" and "sober" part.

  3. "newly-formed couples" is when a couple decide to meet again after a one night stand. they take a stroll when they want to know more about each other after their first date. after a one night stand, the guy may call the girl back if he likes her, she will accept to meet again if she likes him too. its just a cat and mouse game after all.

  4. @Anonymous - Wonderful. Thanks for the peek behind the scenes.

  5. I guess SOME are the newly-formed NYE couples...but I'd hate to let my parents out of the house on January 1 if all couples are labeled thus, lol!


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