Photos: Tour Eiffel just after sunrise from Champ de Mars

I have already taken a picture of Tour Eiffel with the rising sun behind it. While taking that picture, I wondered how this magnificent structure looked like when viewed from the side where the rays of sun directly fall on it. I had a chance to experience it and the photograph is pretty much what I saw.

When I checked the photograph using the preview button, I noticed my shadow is also in the frame. I am too lazy to alter it using computer software. Moreover, this also is a good lesson for future photographs.

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  1. Nice capture .The shadow can easily be cropped out but I think picture looks nice in it's original form.

  2. Very nice. And the shadow adds an interesting "something" to the photograph. BTW, and not that I'm complaining, you seem to love photographing the Eiffel a lot :-)

    1. :) There are two more shots of Tour Eiffel coming up. And I seriously hope there will not be another one for a while. The problem is simple. This structure is always in the frame whenever you take a photograph. Moreover, Paris is such a small city that it is difficult to remove it from the frame. :|


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