The Pleasure Coach

"What do you do?". A good conversation filler when you have nothing else to talk about. This comes in handy when I have nothing else to ask. It helps to kill the silence. What do I get in return? She tells me, "I'm a pleasure coach". Are you speechless? Are you at a loss of words? Are you wondering what nature of the job is? If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, then you can imagine the various expressions on my face when I heard this. Believe me, I'm a bad actor. Many would vouch for this fact. But that is another topic of discussion and I'm going too fast.

Here is one of the beautiful evenings when Paris is at it's best behavior. I am meeting with a group of photography enthusiasts for an evening to shoot pictures in monochrome. There are several themes like cafe tables, interiors, squares, crowd etc. So, we split into groups of six. There is this beautiful woman in my group who reminds me of a friend. She reminds of my friend because she likes to bend the rules. If you are a stickler for rules, then you can also says breaking the rules. This woman doesn't care about traffic signals and cross the road when signs says do not. She acts like a Parisian. As she is from NYC, I am not surprised. Towards the end of our mission to photograph the various themes, I ask her this question and you know what followed.

If you have not yet wiped those various emotions from your mind and waiting for me to give you an explanation about the nature of job, here is it. The pleasure coach is nothing but a relationship expert. How does a pleasure coach achieve this? Simple. By making sure the passion is rekindled or passion is enhanced. She had an anecdote to share illustrating this; an anecdote which omits all the finer details like names, place etc. A married couple approaches her for igniting passion in their failing relationship . She meets with them separately first. Then, she meets them for a joint session. During the joint session, she instructs them on several things including how to touch each other. When the guy touches the girl, she cries with joy saying "It's been so long since I felt like this".

I like the anecdote which proves communication is everything. When you can't communicate, you need external help. You can find more details by following this link.


  1. Pleasure Coach- a good profession. Initially I assumed something else. That's my mistake. The example she gave is wonderful.

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if I should change my designation. The problem is I am unable to come up with anything even remotely as interesting as this one. Somehow "communications troubleshooter" does not sound like an exciting alternative to my regular, boring and normal sounding designation :-)

    1. he he he. "Communications troubleshooter"!!! Come on, Sudha. Is that the best you can come up with? What about "Hard Rock Consultant"? You study rocks. Rock is hard. And you are a consultant for your students! ;)

  3. Hmmmmm "a pleasure coach" ,interesting.


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