Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Receding waistline

Watch your weight and waistline. I was warned several times by my friends when my move to Paris was finalized. Knowing my love for food, controlling the gradually increasing waistline sounded like a doomed project. But surprisingly, the waistline has been receding. Now, I show my old pictures to my new friends and they exclaim "Is that really you?".

I fail to figure out what is behind this phenomenon. There is less intake of rice and more walking in my life now. At the same time, I'm eating a lot more desserts than previously. Often at lunch, I have two desserts. I still scan for desserts on a restaurant menu. I am not going to describe how good the desserts are over here fearing I would stop writing this post and go looking for one.

There are only two places on this earth where I lost weight despite having good food all around me. One is Paris and the other is Gurgaon. The shahi tukdas, gajar ka halwas, the tasty kababs etc could not do any damage to me in Gurgaon. Instead, it reversed the effects of California and Pune. Whatever Gurgaon was able to accomplish in the 18 months was completely destroyed by Bengaluru in a matter of few months. The bulge returned.

I am not the only one who affected in this way by Paris. Most of my friends belong to this category. When one friend turned up for dinner at my place, I couldn't help notice the jeans he was wearing. It had Calvin Klein written in big letters around the belt loops. It took me sometime to realize it was the elastic part of his brief sticking out after the jeans had slipped down. When I quizzed him on his style, he cried, "I have been losing weight. The belt is not helping. I am not going to buy a new pair of jeans every month!".

I understand my friend's predicament. I had a premonition about this in the first few weeks in Paris. So when I went to India last June, I bought two new belts. I forced the shopkeeper to make extra holes on the belt. At present, although the waistline has been receding, I have been doing well. But I'm on the last hole in the belt as of now.


  1. please give me some tips on how to increase waistline :P
    i eat as much a fatso eats, but waist never increase :P

  2. @Habib - Thanks.

    @Deepak - he he he. I have a friend who is also looking for increasing his waistline. He has tried beer, food etc with no positive result. I have only one suggestion. Be happy with the current waistline. ;)

  3. hmmm....I thot I would be seeing Pappettan. A good post nevertheless :)

  4. Lucky you. Bangalore is not at all a waistline friendly city. I am struggling to reduce mine these days..

  5. @Harish - I agree. Bengaluru does more damage than any other city. :)

  6. While I am not fat, I have to keep an eye on the sweets I consume - that is my weakness. Would like to know the secret of the receding waistline.

  7. @Radha - I am unable to figure out what makes the difference. Because I do not have an exact answer, I am going to attribute receding waistline to Paris. :)

  8. I envy you. Desserts in Paris sans the side effects? Nice :-)

  9. @Ashwini - I am far. ;)

  10. This is interesting. Receding waistline with desserts in a heavenly city? Unbelievable.

    1. Unbelievable. :) But blessed too. To be frank, it has been a while since I wrote this piece. Now the waistline has advanced. ;)


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