Books: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Raoul Duke and his attorney Doctor Gonzo drives to Las Vegas for motorcycle race and then a drug conference. They start from California on a convertible loaded with drugs. In the next few days, they are high on drugs, committing felonies and imagining things. All these told in the first person narrative of Raoul Duke forms basis of this novel written by Hunter S Thompson.

During the first few pages of the book, you are interested in the narrative. The protagonists does a lot of absurdities under the influence of drugs. This evokes laughter. The vivid description of their hallucinations are also funny. But as you progress, it is excess after excess. The protagonists are never sober. They try hard, and also succeeds, to get high again when the sensation begins to subsides. After a while, the book turns repulsive.

I have not figured out the purpose of the book. If the purpose of the book is to highlight the indulgence of the era, then it has succeeded. If there is any other deeper meaning, then it is lost on me. If you have read this book and was able to figure the message, do drop by and comment.


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