Movie Review: Man on a Ledge

A man(Sam Worthington) stands on a ledge of one of the high rise buildings in New York City. A crowd gathers seeing him. Soon, the cops arrive. He is an escaped convict trying to clear his name. How does he do it?

The premise is interesting. But the same cannot be said about the movie directed by Asger Leth. It is a movie you forget as soon as you step outside the movie hall. The movie tries to accommodate all the tricks in the trade in order to generate suspense and sustain interest. It is a movie and you know all is that ends well finally. But if you have a feeling of "all is that ends well" when the twist happens, then it is definitely not good for the movie.  This is what is wrong with the movie. The characters are so one-dimensional that you end up choking when they act. There is a host of well known faces like Ed Harris, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Edward Burns. But all of them are wasted.

Stay away from this one. There are no thrills here.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *


  1. Thanks for the caution. One line synopsis sounded interesting, so I was planning to watch it

    1. The most interesting part of this movie is the synopsis. ;)

  2. thriller sans thrill..haha ok nona i ll sty away..thanks buddy:)


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