Photos: What does her eyes say?

What comes into your mind on seeing this picture? Yes, she is dressed up as a clown. But what does her eyes say?

What attracted me was the melancholy in her eyes. 

This was taken at Carnaval de Paris 2012.


  1. Ahh! The melancholy in her eyes is so evident! An intense capture.

  2. "Oops ! Have I been recognised?" That's what her smile seems to say.

  3. To be truthful, in her eyes I see the pain that she is trying to hide. She is a clown and trying to make everyone happy :).
    A picture with deep feelings I must say :).
    Awesome capture Nona jhi!

  4. She wants to make others happy, despite the fact that there is so much pain in her eyes!

    1. It is the case with all clowns. We only see the happy faces. :)

  5. I agree, the expression in her eyes is at odds with her clown persona. The secrets we carry within us ...

  6. her eyes tell of the exhaustion she endures from the mundane of her daily life even as she tries to make others smile. ouch,did i make myself sad?

    beautiful picture nona!

  7. Hi Nona! The name of this clown is: Znorta Manala. This picture is very disturbing for me because this is my clownette. Can I put this photo on my own blog with a link to yours?

  8. You can put this on your blog as long as you provide a link to my page/blog.

    Thank you for dropping by and also sharing your thoughts.


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