Saturday, February 18, 2012

What about reincarnation?

Do you believe in reincarnation? It is a difficult question. I don't. But I love stories which deals with reincarnation. What else explains my interest in movies like Karz, Karan Arjun and Om Shanti Om? The only Hollywood movie I can recollect with this theme  is Dead Again. I'm not sure if it is a Hollywood movie or a British movie. It featured some of the best British talents.

This post is not about movies but more about the theme reincarnation. Last week, an acquaintance raised an important and carefully worded question about reincarnation. Does your religion support reincarnation? My answer was yes. I am a Hindu and I believe my religion supports the reincarnation theory. If it does not, you can tell me now as my knowledge in this areas is shrouded in carelessness and ignorance.

However silly it sounds, my friend has a master who helps him to connect to his previous life. Connecting to the previous life. That is interesting. But how do you accomplish this? I couldn't contain my curiosity. So I asked. The answer was simple. You don't connect with your previous life. You understand your previous life from the likes and dislikes of this life. If you like something in this life, then you must have disliked it in the previous life, so on and so forth.

I may sound naive. This is more like knowing yourself and not to do with reincarnation. Moreover, all this explanation brought back memories of childhood where my grandmother tried in vain to teach me manners by instilling fear about the next life. If you don't behave well in this life, your next life will be terrible. Well, that was an unsuccessful mission for my grandmother. Look at the way how I turned out!


  1. hi ! I am very much interested in reincarnation. But dis is really strange - "If you like something in this life, then you must have disliked it in the previous life, so on and so forth."

    I keep on looking for threads of previous life in my present birth but in just opposite way. And one astrologer even told me about my past life and much of it I believe could be true.

    If you anyone who might be interested in reincarnation and related myths please let me know. :) Thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your views. As your comment is visible, if anyone is interested they will contact you. And I will also keep this in mind when I talk to my friends. :)

  2. I believe there is something called Reincarnation.It's nothing to do with religion or something to be brushed aside as a "myth" but it's true.

  3. This is very tricky topic. Recently, past life regression is one of the things which people go after to understand problems in their life better.. Some have some shocking observations and others have shammed the whole thing.
    I just like to believe that I am manufactured this way and if there are some problems, I was destined to have them.

    1. I agree many of the people treat this as a root cause of some of their problems. But there are people who get hooked to this concept for many other reasons. The reasons are what interests me to this concept.


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