Le "Carnaval Venitien de Paris" 2012

You must have figured it by now. It translates to the Venetian Carnival of Paris. And a day ago, I was thinking this is going to turn out to be a dry weekend with nothing exciting. That is the good thing about Paris; something or the other happening all the time. Coming back to the topic of discussion, I have no idea about the origins of this carnival. The striking feature of this carnival is the renaissance-style dresses and masks worn by actors participating in various events.

I have seen people wearing masks in photographs and also in movies. But seeing someone wearing a mask in person is a different experience. There were two types of masks - one which covers the eyes and the other which covers the face. The latter one was more interesting. When a person wears a facial mask, it is difficult to see the person's face. You could hardly make it out the eyes sometimes. Sometimes, there are dark holes there.   The mask doesn't reveal the gender or race. Strangely, the facial masks made me think the mask is the real face of the person wearing it. That was strange.

Venetian Carnival is organized in the Notre Dame premises. Notre Dame, being a tourist hotbed, is very crowded. The carnival was very crowded with the performers, photographers and tourists.

For pictures from this event, click on the following links
Smile that can kill


  1. Any photographs of the carnival coming up, Nona?

    1. The weekend was very busy with Venetian Carnival and the Holi celebrations. The pictures are slowly showing up on this space. :)


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