What does the name "Manjula" bring to your mind? For me, it is a girl who has neatly-tied long hair with a tilaka on the forehead. So when I heard a friend speaking of a Manjula in a discotheque, I couldn't help smiling. The ensuing conversation taught me a new term.

The named "Manjula" is a term used for a desi girl who has moved into a foreign country from India. I stick to the term "desi girl" in a politically incorrect fashion when the surroundings permit and never come across anyone using the term "Manjula". The term "Manjula" follows the M rule where girls from other parts of the world are commonly referred like Marias, Magdas etc. I was smiling because I don't expect to bump into my stereotypical Manjula in a disco. I can't even imagine the Manjula in my mind discarding the sari or the half-sari for jeans and T-shirt.

Coming back to the conversation with my friend, he loves meeting Manjulas in a disco. No, it is not for socializing. As soon as he spots one, he drops everything, rushes to the girl and asks her firmly. "It is late in the evening. What are you doing here? Isn't it your bed time?". According to him, it puts them in a very uncomfortable position. I'm not sure what happens next.


  1. Pls ask what happens next.. :) - Prasanna

    1. Didn't want to spoil the fun. So I didn't ask. My guess is he is showered abuses at times. ;)


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