Movie Review: Wrath of the Titans

Set a few years from where Clash of Titans ended, Perseus(Sam Worthington) is summoned by his dad Zeus(Liam Neeson) to help the gods. Even though Perseus, who now has a son, do not want any part in the conflict of gods initially, he is slowly drawn into the conflict between his relatives which includes his uncles - Hades(Ralph Fiennes) and Poseidon(Danny Huston) -, his grandfather Kronos and his brother Ares(Edgar Ramirez). In the battle of good versus evil, Perseus is helped by another demigod Agenor(Toby Kebbell), a fallen god Hephaetus(Bill Nighy) and a warrior queen Andromeda(Rosamund Pike).

The sequel is directed by Jonathan Liebesman. One thing for sure. The sequel is bearable than the first part  although it falls short of being an awesome movie due to mixed bag experience. The good performers were entirely wasted in the first part. Here again, there do not give a performance worthy of standing ovation. But there are able to keep the viewer engaged in the proceedings. At the basic level, this is a familial conflict. This type of conflict works in a big way to capture attention. The drama created from this conflict is augmented with visual effects. What works against the movie is the pedestrian dialogues. Sometimes, you really do not know if these are mythical characters or ordinary characters you meet on the street.

Performance wise, it is Bill Nighy as Hephaetus who entertains. He is no more a god. His mannerisms are bordering on mental instability. But it is fun to watch him perform. He is only actor who rises above the script. Then there is Toby Kebbel as Agenor. That is because he is the comic relief. He does the job well.

If you are looking for 2 hours to kill, this is a good choice.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***


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