Photos: The jogging lady with her dog

Warm sunny day and the red rule. But for these two reasons, I wouldn't have captured this moment. It was a warm and sunny day. Everybody was out enjoying the sun. So was this lady and her dog. The lady was wearing a shade of red. For a photographer, a photo is a must as soon red is spotted.

I was out in the park. As soon as I spotted the lady and the dog, I took out the camera. Being a novice, taking out the easier than setting it up. If given a second chance, I would still  the lady and her shadow on the left side of the frame. If given a third chance, I would capture both the lady and the dog up in the air.

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  1. A DOUBT!!!

    Do u ask em before taking their pictures? Everytime i wish to photograph someone, i'm hesitant whether it's ok to do that.. Moreover dont they need to be asked before publishing it ???

    1. For portraits, I ask for permission before taking a picture. But for street photography or covering actions, I don't ask permission. :|


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