Photos: Wrestling match, the French Election edition

The second round of French elections are on 6th May 2012. I was strolling the 13th arrondissement when I came across this poster. The poster, I believe, is in Spanish. Although a passerby and a person in my group explained the poster, I don't remember the exact meaning of it now. Mascara translates to masked. But what does Cabellera mean? Anyways, the poster announces a wrestling match between the two candidates in the second round, Sarkozy and Hollande. The opinion polls are all hailing Hollande as the next president. What do you think? Of the duel and also the possible winner?


  1. Hollande!!...the photograph of the poster with graffiti and assortments is amazing!

  2. Grin...just met a friend from France who was explaining the issues behind the oncoming french election...neat capture!

    1. The main issue is the economy on which everyone was silent after the Toulouse shooting. Anyways, today is the second and the final round.

  3. I am recommending ur blog to a friend--I bet he will enjoy it immensely!


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