Books: Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris

Aptly named "Parisians", Graham Robb gives the reader a collection of essays where the protagonists are some of the prominent historical figures who has lived in the city of light. Many of them have influenced the lifestyle of the current residents in many ways which is now taken for granted. Based on the documented history and diary articles, Graham pieces an episode page from their lives using his imagination. By doing so, Graham makes the reader travel through time and let them see the city in a different perspective.

Graham is in love with Paris. This is evident from his writing. But what will amaze you, if you live in this city, is the historical significance of many of the streets you might have strolled by. You will not be able to take that leisurely stroll through these streets again without even once thinking about these incidents chronicled in the book.

This is a must read if you live in Paris. There is so much to learn about Paris from this book.

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  1. nice write up, you have this book with you? - nishanth

    1. Yes, I have. But it is a kindle one.


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