I can help the economy boom...

I do not know what to do. Should I be angry? Should I ignore? The truth is SNCF is really bugging me. The route I take to work has a train scheduled every 10 minutes. In reality, this never happens. I end up seeing the train with no platform assigned and scheduled to 10 or more minutes earlier on the overhead display board. Even if I board a train, it stops services in a station in the middle of the route. Here all the passengers disembark and wait for the next train from the original departure station. How weird can it get?

Now that the elections are over in France, I have a simple yardstick to measure the effectiveness of the new government. I don't want them to perform miracles on the economy. Please make SNCF operate efficiently. Help me reach my work on time. If I get to work on time, I work with less stress. Less stress will translate to more output. The more output means money being made somewhere in the unseen complex world. The economy should revive by itself. Is it that simple?

If you are agitated by me oversimplifying a complex phenomenon, it is time to check my profile. Is "economist" listed anywhere in the profile? No! Then what is the reason for your agitation? Have a good day.

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