Is sharing tricky?

Sharing the apartment when you are single and unattached is a tricky business. My friend says so. I live in Paris far away from the comforts of my own home. I share the apartment with another friend. Frankly, I never found it to be tricky. Occasionally, it helps to drive the boredom away. The friend with whom I share the apartment is so nice that he even knocks before he opens the door to our temporary residence. I understand this is sort of a warning. But this is completely out of context in my case. Anyway this post is not about me but about my friend who thinks sharing an apartment is a tricky business.

So why does he think so? My sharing-averse friend is in the same boat. He also shares an apartment with friend of his. A few questions later, the whole story unfolds. The time is yesterday evening. My friend is back from work at 8 pm. He doesn't knock. He opens the door. The aroma of freshly prepared food hits him. He is hungry now. He walks into the living room. He sees his friend with a beautiful girl. He assesses the situation. They seemed to have been engaged in an interesting discussion. But they are silent now after seeing him. His friend smiles sheepishly and say "Hello". The girl is a bit edgy. My friend freezes for a second. He says "Hello". He mumbles. "I wanted to keep my bag. I'm going out for dinner". He is out of the apartment in no time.

When I found my friend, he had finished his dinner. During the time elapsed, his blood alcohol content also jumped a few notches up. He invited me for more drinks. I didn't have to worry about the bill as my friend was going to present it to his friend. According to him, his friend has to taught a lesson for the communication fiasco, lack of planning and what not! 

Now for the big question, if such bills are going to be paid by the roommate, is sharing apartment really a tricky business?

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  1. I never really shared an apartment with a friend. But one of my best friends lived as a pay9ng guest with a few other girls and they literally harassed each other every single day. Food was stolen, clothes were borrowed without asking, make-up and accessories were exchanged and never returned and do not get me started about the back biting and constant bitching. Not remotely pleasant. Boys on the other hand fared better when they shared apartments. Yes it is very tricky.

    1. Interesting. I have heard experiences men/boys of sharing an apartment. This is the first time I am hearing about problems with girls sharing an apartment!

  2. Verry and specially if we are talking about situations like these!! :D


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