Movie Review: Dark Shadows

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaborate once again to tell us the story of man who is freed 200 years later, after being cursed to become a vampire. On reaching his manor in Maine after being freed, the vampire Barnabas Collins(Johnny Depp) finds his manor in ruins and family business in shambles. Now, Barnabas has not only to restore the past glory and wealth but also to unite the dysfunctional family now headed by the matriach Elizabeth(Michelle Pfeiffer). If this is not enough, he has his reincarnated version of his former lover and also the witch Angelique Bouchard(Eva Green), who in the first place is the real reason for the current plight of the Collins family, to deal with.

Based on a popular TV series, the movie has an interesting premise. Tim Burton, who has a flair for weird visuals, also is the right person to adapt to this big screen. But as a whole, the movie does not succeed to hold your attention. The best part of the movie is what Tim Burton has always been good at - makeup and visuals which blends CGI effectively. The underlying theme is revenge, regaining love and also the importance of family. Barnabas has a lot to do when he is freed from captivity. Instead of accomplishing these, Barnabas seems to be wasting time meandering from one interest to another which become tedious to watch. The movie is set in 1972 to give a retro look and also invoke laughter at the expense of the various characters - Barnabas is 200 years old than the rest and the rest of the characters is 40 years older than viewer. But this attempt is too feeble to tickle our funny bone. Another drawback of the movie is the viewer reminded to the previous collaboration of Burton and Depp. The makeup and the settings are very similar to some of the previous movies that you end up wondering if you are seeing something new or a rehash of the previous ones.

The performances have nothing to write about. Johnny Depp tries to be different. Eva Green has the ability to make James Bond search for the truth with determination (in the latest trilogy). But as a witch, she fails. Michelle Pfeiffer is the one who is perfectly cast. Since we don't see her often these days on the screen, the cards are in her favour. Christopher Lee has nothing to offer in an insignificant short role.

Skip it!

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: *


  1. It has some real moments that made me laugh and had me enjoyed, but Burton starts to lose himself by the end, therefore, he lost me. Could have been so much better and the only reason it is as good as it is, is because of Depp's insane performance. Good review Nona.

    1. Thank you. Depp is known to add depth to a quirky character. In this movie, I didn't find anything that is different from his previous portrayals.

  2. I had great expectation from this film after knowing it brings together the duo Tim-Depp once again. Was completely let down :(

    1. Although some of my friends enjoyed the movie, I was not at all happy with this one.


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