Photos: Moulin Rouge

Parisians were blessed with great weather yesterday. I'm glad the summer is here. Or is it spring? Anyway, I think it is too late for spring to arrive. The summer poses an unique challenge to the photographers. Either they have to get up earlier or wait longer than usual for sunrise and sunset pictures. I like blue sky especially the one taken during the blue hour. As I have not been doing these type of photos for a while, I decided to dedicate the evening for it. I chose Moulin Rouge as the subject. The abundance of "rouge" set against a blue sky provides a good contrast.

It was very crowded in front of Moulin Rouge. Both tourists and locals had descended upon this place. As I waited for the right time (read it as the right color of the sky), I watched the crowd posing in various poses, some funny some not-so-funny, with Moulin Rouge as the background. I had to click multiple times because either an object or a human inevitably got into the frame and ruined the picture. You can see one of the result which is presentable.

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