Photos: No way forward, Paris style

Paris has narrow streets. There are cars parked on both sides of the streets. That leaves very minimal space to maneuver your vehicle. While I was strolling the 13th arrondissement, I came across this sight. As you can see from the picture, the bus was turning right, from a narrow street into another narrow street. A Parisian had parked his car so close to the intersection of the two roads. As a result, the bus was stuck with no way to move forward. There was nothing much they could do. You can see the driver in the white shirt hoping for the car owner to return. The others are the passengers in the bus. Very soon, the bus driver got back into his driving seat and started honking. What happened next is not known to me as I left the scene as soon as the honking started!

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    1. You mean the creativity from the driver who parked his/her car near to the intersection? :)

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