Sore losers

I didn't realize I had more of Sarkozy supporters among my friend. The supporters say the financial crisis in France was cushioned because of Sarkozy while the detractors says there is nothing special done by him in order to contain it other than holding the title! If I intend to follow, a lot of serious and intense arguments along with counter-arguments emerge. I don't intend to go down that route. Instead I would like the bring up the subject of sore losers.

What are we taught from the childhood? Sportsman spirit. Participate, welcome the results and move on. All this is happening among my friends and also the French voters. Actually, some of them have taken the last phase of the sportsman spirit too seriously. They are really moving on; moving on as in packing all their belongings and emigrating to a different country. All this because of the high taxation widely believed to imposed soon by the new government that will be formed by Hollande.

Talking about sore losers, here is the most ridiculous statement I overheard. "I wish for a coup d'├ętat". Of course, the speaker was hoping for Sarkozy's second term! Losing hope on the democratic process and failure to comprehend the meaning of freedom are the two top reasons for me to classify this as a ridiculous statement!

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  1. i think for liberal thinkers, this is a real catch-22, my guess is that many a sarkozy-neutral might be at a loss as to whether it was a good thing.

    1. Isn't that what democracy is all about? :) Sometimes, the one we voted for never wins. :|


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