Billa 2 and software delivery

I was extra cautious last week. I requested all my colleagues not to set up any long-winded meetings on Friday afternoon. I wanted a relatively free schedule to walk out of the office at any time I wished. But all was in vain. Despite all the preparations you do, there are many factors which you can't influence. Billa 2 which was to be released on June 22nd was postponed. Now, we have a definite date, July 13th. Or should I say it is an almost concrete date?

The interaction with my French colleague on Thursday was interesting. No, he is not an Ajith Kumar fan. But knowing my request for a relatively free Friday, he asked me if it was okay to schedule a meeting on Friday. I replied in the affirmative. All my plans have been cancelled. I told him. Then I explained about the movie and it's postponement at the last minute. On hearing this, he started laughing. His response is reproduced below.

"What? Your movies and your software delivery follows the same pattern. You inform the inability to deliver on the committed date of delivery!"


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