Books: Blood Eagle

A brutal murder in the city of Hamburg has all the evidence pointing to be the work of a serial killer. The officer-in-charge Jan Fabel has an important mission of finding and stopping the killer before a panic sets in. When he investigates further, he encounters inter-departmental friction, local mafia, politicians and also businessmen. Craig Russell has written this thriller with Hamburg as a backdrop. More British than many of the British cities, it is the home of for the half Scottish half German detective.

A good thriller must prevent you from keeping the book down until the entire jigsaw puzzle is unravelled. This objective has been successfully accomplished. The book makes you restless and forces you to finish it quickly. On the flip side, the murders committed are gruesome making the reader flinch. It is more gruesome because of the detail in which it is described. The author focuses on the details. His language has a prose like quality. At the same time, the same quality makes the gruesome murders stick out in the minds of the reader.

If you are looking for a thriller with a lot of intrigue and expansive background, this is a good one. But keep in mind the book is very violent at many junctures.

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