Photos: Mridangam Master

This photo was snapped at Maison de l'Inde, Paris. The danseuse from an earlier post, Anusha Cherer, hosted an event wherein her students performed. A crowded stage is difficult for me to photograph. So my eyes wandered and subsequently came across the image shown below. This is stereotype-buster for me. I hardly expect a non-Indian face playing mridangam. As they say, music reaches all possible barriers. Isn't that a good enough reason to photograph this?

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  1. How are you finding these people? First, there was a Frenchman speaking in Hindi and now this? :)

    :D I'm quite happy that cultural boundaries are being explored in this way.

    Cheers to the world!

    1. This event was forwarded to me by Anusha. The french man speaking Hindi is a different story. Check out This lists all the Indian events in Paris. This is run by a friend of mine. She invited me to the event where I found the French man speaking in Hindi. To be exact, there were a lot of French (both men and women) speaking in Hindi. :)

  2. wow!!! You know I was in Hubli some months back and visited a group that teaches Bharatnatyam to village kids. And the group was headed and mostly run by non-Indians!!!
    In btw, he is an eye-candy too:)

  3. That is really surprising yet commendable. To leave a country behind and do business or adopt a new country is not easy.

    And about the eye-candy part, cross your fingers and pray he bumps into this blog article. :p

  4. It is, it is -- reason to be photographed. Yesterday a friend of mine posted on fb the video of an American girl singing a Malayalam Nadan Paatu.

  5. You should check this out when you have some time.

  6. Thats awesome...the point to ponder is if Indians learn Ballet or some Western Art Form why does it not strike as unique to us? Guess its because of the way those art forms have spread all over the world and are more universal rather than specific now....Nice piece of info...Thanks for sharing...


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