Books: The Amber Room

A group of people are searching for the Amber Room which was lost in the annals of history during the second world war. On one side there are two amateurs who haven't any background on how to retrieve a lost artifact driven by revenge & quest for truth while on the other side there are two powerful collectors backed by ruthless treasure hunters who collectively will not rest until the treasure is unearthed.

Steve Berry's novel is more of a thriller than a mystery based on the above premise. The hunt for treasure always evoke a sense of adventure in most of us. Unfortunately, the hunt does not translate into an interesting read. Steve tries to create a world of suspense and danger set against the backdrop of retrieving famous missing art pieces by a determined, powerful and resourceful group of collectors. Even though he weaves a world by intertwining fact with imagination, the entire novel ends up as a feeble attempt.

It won't sustain your interest. The red herring is so obvious and amateurish that you will spot it immediately killing the joy.

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