Do you flirt on phone?

What you do with your phone is your business. I don't disagree with this point. After all, you pay the bills. So you have the right to do whatever you want with the phone. You can flirt or even have a hot steamy chat with whomever you please. It is your life. But when you are carelessly loud, it becomes tricky. On some occasions, it is embarassing for the people near you, especially if you are in a working environment.

Last week, when a female colleague suddenly got up from her seat and suggested a coffee-break, I was surprised. I am not the right candidate for coffee-breaks. Then why is she approaching me? It is vacation time here in France which translates to minimal attendance. Minimal attendance also means there aren't enough people for coffee-breaks. In our case, there still was another French colleague who could have accompanied her although there was a problem. He was on the phone. As he is a better candidate for chit-chat, she could have waited for a few more minutes till he was free.

Since saying no to a woman is an absolute no-no, I said yes. Over the coffee, she told me the real reason for the break. Our colleague was flirting on the phone. As I do not speak French, I was blissfully unaware of the steamy conversation happening right next to me. When the topic turned to eating, my female colleague had enough and decided to run away from the place, taking me along her.

What you do with your phone is your business. But if you do flirt, please have some considerations to lesser mortals. Moreover, I don't like coffee. So I hate to take coffee-breaks.

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  1. It is not just flirting, Nona, it's the stuff people talk on the phone without even considering that others may be listening in. During my commute every day to work, there is a woman who gets into the bus, calls her mother and starts talking. It is always about her husband (including cringeworthy intimate details), her inlaws, her children, etc. She speaks in a mixture of Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu and because I know these languages I can understand every single word she says. Every. Single.Word. :-(

    1. Been there! Some of the times, people are very discreet which is okay with me. Some of the times, they are very loud. That is very difficult. How hard we try, we end up listening to the conversation.


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