Independence Day, 2012

Would you have celebrated the Independence day in India? An innocent question. At the same time, a thought provoking one. The answer is "No". I would have slept late into the day if I were in India. Being away from home make you miss it more. The distance or the space works it love or patriotism.

Since I was away from home, I decided to celebrate the Independence day with fellow expatriates. That resulted in making a trip to Indian embassy in Paris. The embassy wouldn't let any of us take our cameras or the cellphones inside. The security personnels collected all these items in their custody before entering the premises.

It wasn't bad. In fact, it was a boon. Imagine no cellphones for two hours. That means no checking for emails or social networking updates which translates to conversations in the traditional way. This also turned out to be a good way to make friends. My biggest surprise was something else. I could sing the lines of national anthem even though I cannot remember the last time I recited it.

There are things you learn but never forget.

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