Photos: Round bale

I have seen these round bales at many places around the world. It has always fascinated me and wanted to photograph them for a while now. But this photo happened by chance. I was in the suburbs of Paris to visit an equestrian club. On the way back, I requested my friend to stop her car in order for to take the pictures of round bales scattered without a specific pattern all across an empty field. It is good to have friends who understands your hobbies and also encourages you. She not only stopped the car but also posed with another friend of hers.

The idea of hand and legs sticking out of the bale to create this impression orginiated from my friend. All of us improvised on location. There are two people behind that round bale. Both of them are blondes. Their hair, regardless of how beautiful it looked, was not fitting well into the picture. So I asked them to duck behind the bale and stick their arms and legs out. You can see the result for yourself.

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