Photos: Travails of a photographer

A good photograph is appreciated by everyone. But do you realize the hardships behind a good photograph? I have seen my friend prostrating on the floor to get a good shot. Last month, I was walking around Montparnasse during the Gay Parade in order to get some colorful pictures. I accompanied the parade till Saint-Michel before it was too taxing for my legs to take part in it anymore. On the way, I passed Jardin du Luxemborg. That is when I found a photographer perched on a statue. It is in fact a good place to take top shots. As soon as I went near him to take pictures, other photographers converged to get a piece of action. He patiently obliged everyone.

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  1. So what all travails have you undertaken? Tell, tell.

    1. I have come to the stage where I don't worry about my jeans anymore. Don't mind sitting down or kneeling down to get a good composition. :) I still have miles to go. ;)


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