The Good Boy and The Mysterious Lady

It has been a while since I wrote about the good boy. Even though the bad is always in demand, the good always appear in my life intermittently giving me enough to smile or laugh. God is in every man. Didn't someone say something similar? Likewise, the good boys appear in different forms when you least expect it. The latest avatar of the good boy appeared in front of me last Saturday regaling me with an interesting anecdote.

The good boy goes for  dinner with his office colleagues. The office colleagues can be collectively called the bad boys. The question why shouldn't arise at this point. They are bad boys. Period. Also, dinner is a very light word for the merrymaking of this gang. Anyways, they are ordering dinner and preparing their palette with the necessary pre-dinner washdowns. As the entire group consists of people from different parts of the world, the medium of communication is English. This is where it gets interesting.

They are talking loud in English. The attractive lady at the adjacent table joins the conversation. Very soon, the bad bunch invites her to their table. She is French. But she loves to hear the English conversation. A couple of rounds later, one of the bad boys communicate with the good boy. The message is loud and clear. The lady is definitely interested in the good boy. The good boy can leave the table with the lady.

I take a short break here. This is exactly where you use your imagination for two questions. How did the bad boy communcate with the good boy? No matter how difficult it is under any circumstances, determination always help you find a way out of a sticky situation. The second question is why leave the table? To be frank, I have no idea. I am also using my imagination. Moreover, I didn't want to interrupt his story.

Given this proposition by the bad boy, you can imagine the good boy's reaction. Yes, you guessed it right. He is not going for that walk. He says "No, thank you". The word "no" brings in more forceful efforts from various bad boys to tempt the good boy. But the good boy is not tempted. The bad boys fail. All of them have a great dinner and walk out of the restaurant. When the attractive lady disappeared, the bad boys started laughing. The good boy is surprised now. They ask, "You didn't get it?". The good boy looks questioningly at them. That is when they say, "It was a man dressed up a girl".

We do not know what would have happened if the good boy had left the table with the lady. Nevertheless, this is one more win for the good boy aganst the bad boys.

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  1. loved to hear it ...nice story...

  2. Replies
    1. :) Happy to know you enjoyed it.

  3. Nice one, love the way you write especially the 'Pappettan says'.

    1. Thanks. Will write soon one on Pappettan.


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