Being predictable...a good thing?

Is being predictable a good thing? If you are a fan of mystery novels like me, predictability brings the downfall of a person. Most of us like to go out with friends who are predictably unpredictable as we are not sure how it will turn out. That is exciting. Having said that, is being predictable really bad? A few days ago, I wouldn't have hesitated in answering this question. Now I am not sure!

What brought out this uncertainty about predictability in a span of few days? The answer is simple. A visity to Dusseldorf. Itt is not the city which shook the foundations of my belief. But it was a friend I met there. Now when I look back at the entire episode, it is also the story of a good boy. The friend in question is a teetotaler. He is also a vegetarian. When these two facts are combined, it might sound like the recipe for a boring person. But I will definitely say, he is a good boy. If you have lived in Europe, you already know how difficult this can be. So this good boy has found out a secret formula to stay sane and make friends. Let's hope he shares it. But that isn't the point of this post. It is something else.

When we walked into a restaurant in Dusseldorf, the waiters were very cheerful on seeing my friend. They seated us immediately. They knew exactly what my friend was going to have. Of course, no alcohol and no meat means limited choices. Nevertheless, they didn't have to give him a menu. His order was written down even before we sat at the table. He was treated like how a customer ought to be treated; like a king.

All this because my friend is predictable. So is it a good thing? Since I had crossed the borders and was in another country, I could also wonder if it is a good thing in Germany...

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  1. It is good to be predictable about certain things. I like to know that someone can be counted on, but would be bored if they ordered the same thing every time.

    1. A little of this and a little of that. A mix of both. :) Thank you for the comment.


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