Exploring Montmartre

Although the streets in Montmartre are beautiful, epitomizing the essence of Paris, I usually avoid this area. because it is alway crowded. Whenever a friend is visiting, I take them to Sacre Coeur to climb up the small but breath-choking hill. After taking the mandatory pictures, I walk down the steps by the funicular. Around 10 days back, I was on a similar mission. Instead of taking the steps back to Anvers Metro station, we decided to walk towards the back of basilica.

No matter how long you have lived in a city, there is always something new on every walk. These are words spoken by a wise friend. These words turned out to be true on that day. On that day, we found a deserted cobbled street far away from the usual hustle and bustle of this area. We also found a tavern where we stopped for the customary drinks. The quiet tavern was soon noisy. Luckily for us, the other patrons encouraged.

We were a group of five. We had 6 cameras among us; counting the DSLRs and mobile phone cameras. This also translated to a lot of picture which made the other patrons curious. It was a matter of time before we turned our cameras on the other patrons. They also happily posed for us.