Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Köln, a cathedral, square and live music

Köln, or Cologne as known to English speaking world, possesses all the characteristics of a quaint little European city. It has a cathedral and a square. The cathedral and square seems to be the center of a city in this part of the world. If you walk about in an European city, you may get the feeling that it is not the market which attracts people and commerce. Instead it is a religious establishment. Everything else revolves round the religious establishment and huge open space adjacent to it.

Köln is a short train ride away from Dusseldorf. We decided to spend an evening in this city. When you get off from the railway station, you can see the cathedral in front of it. I am not into architecture. So I will not even try to explain anything about it. One thing for sure. It doesn't matter how many cathedrals you have seen in the past. You still gape at it in awe.
After touring the cathedral, we decided to try out the local beer. The local brewery offers their choice of beers and also food. Unfortunately for me, both of it didn't impress me. Until that day, I haven't had German food although my friend/fellow-foodie skilfully evades whenever German food is mentioned. Now I know the reason. Food and drinks later, we went looking for yet another watering hole. Walking through the streets, we came across a bar  where a band was performing. It was a small bar and the crowd was spilling out into the street. We waited till the performance was over. Then we moved on.
When you are having a good time, you often end up forgetting how late it is. That is what happened to us. As a result, we missed the train by a few seconds. All of us had to wait for an hour in an empty railway station for the next train to Dusseldorf.



  1. Didn't they bomb Cologne to buts during WWII? Or was that Coventry?

    1. Yes, they did. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Cologne_in_World_War_II

  2. Good to know about the various places in Europe through your visits.Lucky you!

    1. Thank you. Three friends came down from US. I decided to go along with them. Yes, being in Paris makes it easier to travel inside Europe.


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