Smartphone brings a smile

I have been accused of being a smartphone addict; constantly checking updates, tweeting, checking in, sharing pictures and what not. For the past two weeks, I did not have a smartphone. The service provider gave me a replacement phone for this period. As the replacement was an old generation phone, it was difficult to even send a simple SMS. Fortunately for me, life is back to normal.

My phone was stolen. Losing a phone in Europe is not a rare phenomenon. There are snatchers everywhere. These guys are slick sometimes and forceful otherwise. There is no way to escape them unless you keep the phone locked up. But then, doesn't it beat the purpose of having a smartphone? I have lost two phones already. The experience have made me wiser but not as wiser as I wish to be. If the experience had made me immensely wiser, then I would not have lost the second one! So I will leave it at "wiser". Now, I have a stronger grip on the phone while using it in public places. Additionally, I also have an insurance for the phone.

Now that I have the smartphone, I also have a reason to smile. Yesterday, a sardar(sikh) approached me at the mall. He and his wife for looking for sterilizer for baby bottles. As they didn't know French, the numerous rounds inside the supermarket wasn't helping the cause. I also don't speak French. We searched for a picture of the sterilizer on the smartphone and showed it to a supermarket employee. Minutes later, I saw the sardar and wife beaming a big smile in front of an aisle.

These are the moments that actually make you happy that you have a smartphone.

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  1. That's a great idea -- looking up a picture and asking for it, in a place where you don't know the language. Cool!!

    1. Sign language and Pictures... They always work anywhere. :)


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