Technoparade Paris 2012

Parades! Paris offers a lot of them. The turnout may not be the same for all the parades. But who cares as long as there are good photos. On Saturday, I came to know there is a Technoparade. What is a Technoparade? Imagine 4 trucks with DJs, speakers and selected supporter loaded on it with speakers. They play techno music. The crowd make merry by following one of the trucks that is playing their favorite tracks. It is where really young people turn out. When I say really young people, I mean really young people. You look around and you find the really young people doing all sorts of crazy things. The parade starts from Nation and ends in Place d'Italie. 

As soon as I landed in Place de la Nation, I saw people climbing on top of the statue situated at the center of the roundabout. A masked guy was sporting a placard. As there was nothing outrageous happening on the ground, I assumed this was his wishlist.
I liked the hairstyle of a young man. The hair was sticking standing out in all directions.
Although I could see only really young people, there were exceptions. There were parents and older people. This dad caught my attention. He looked comfortable with his daughter on his shoulders. When I started to photograph, the daughter excitedly waved her hands in the air.
These kids asked me to photograph them. I obliged.
A lot of people were spraying color on their hair. The girl in picture has blonde hair and her friends were spraying orange color on her hair. She seemed to very happy in the process.
The trucks where the music is played moved slowly in the traffic. In order to protect the paraders, a cordon was set up a cordon using a rope around the truck. The guy in the organge T-shirt is a security personnel who is ensuring nobody gets closer to the truck and harm themselves in the process.
No parade in Paris is complete without residents from adjoining apartments looking outside, watching but never participating. 
This guy was dancing with clear abandon.



  1. honestly I am jealous- Parades in Paris. I love even the ring of it..

    1. :) Well, parades are there in every European city. In Paris, I think it is more than the usual number seen in other cities. :)


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