An Onam with Suhasini

It is stretching facts a bit. I agree. First, Onam was a long time ago. Second, it was not a date with Suhasini. As I have written in many occasions previously, there is a delay in celebrations when you are living abroad. If there is a cultural event for a particular occasion, it is never on the right date but on a convenient date. This time, French Malayalee association decided to celebrate Onam with cultural events and Suhasini was the celebrity guest or even the guest of honor.

My first encounter with Suhasini was on silver screen when she acted in Padmarajan's Koodevide. The movie had a tragic ending which I could not digest at the time. It introduced Rahman (the actor) and also Mammmoty-Suhasini pair. The pairing did look good on screen. If there is any competition for Suhasini with respect to looking good with Mammootty, then it is Sumalatha. Anyways, that is digressing from the main topic.

Suhasini looks the same. The years has neither affected her appearance nor her energy. The stage lit up after she took up the microphone. She was all over the stage, involving the audience in her act and putting everyone at ease with her casual speech which almost sounded impromptu. Of course, she is an excellent actress. But handling a live audience is always not easy.

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