Books: Sidetracked

Wallander witnesses an young girl setting herself on fire. At the same time, an old man is murdered and scalped. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. As time progresses, more dead bodies turn up which are scalped. As a result, Wallander has to dive deep into the pysche of a murderer. This could well be the work of a serial killer.

Henning Mankell continues the Wallander series with this book. Though the writing style doesn't change at all, the theme is violence against women and fetishes of men. Mankell narrates the story with a deranged mind as the backdrop. But the message is hard to miss. Wallander does face personal challenges and comes to terms with most of them. All along the investigation, Wallander has a nagging doubt if the investigation is being sidetracked. The emphasis is to catch the killer. But what is the connection with the girl who set herself ablaze.

This is a must read for you if you are a Wallander fan. Don't read this book without reading the earlier ones. It is better to read the entire series instead of pulling out one at random.

The earlier titles in this series are

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