Good offense is the best defense

"You are always defending your decisions. You should be making the first move. Be on the offensive. Then, you watch how the game changes". Sounds familiar? There was a time I used to be hear this too often. Have things changed a lot since then? Well, I will not go into details over here. Anyways, two weeks back I came across an example of good offense being used as the best defense.

If you are thinking that I am going to quote a business situation, then you will be disappointed. This is a tale of two lovebirds. They are married. But I would still like to refer them as lovebirds because that is how I remember them. They were in Paris for a few days and Musee de Louvre was on their agenda. When they reached Louvre, they did what all of us in a relation often does. They had a petite disagreement.

Not only did they disagree but they also acted like the lovebirds they are. As they were walking, the  distance between them increased. This was done deliberately. The guy was a bit ahead and the girl was trailing behind. In a few seconds, the guy was far ahead and the girl far behind. Then they lost sight of each other. The guy couldn't see the girl and girl couldn't see the guy. Both of them didn't have cell phones to contact each other. Then, panic set in.

After an hour of frantically searching all over the place, contacting local friends and contemplating of a police complaint, the guy bump into the girl. What does the girl do? Walks towards the guy and slaps him. She had an important question to ask him. "Where the hell were you? How could you leave me behind in a strange city?".

The incident was narrated by the girl herself who is a much better story teller than me. She had two toppings to the story. The first one is simple. "Yes, he was concerned. All his documents including the passport were in my bag!". I couldn't help smile because they were finding humor in pathos. The second topping is also a lesson to all of us. "I slapped him because I knew he will slap me if I didn't do it first!".

Remember I started of with good offense...



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