l'année de trop

There is a lot of things happening at work this year. The management team has changed. There is a lot more scrutiny is on how you conduct business primarily because the newcomers arrive with preconceived notions. There is demand to increase throughput by achieving even greater efficiency. The infamous vacation season of the French has not slowed down the work. So much for globalization.

One thing about the French companies is that they depend on contractors. I am referring to the big companies. In order to avoid too much involvement with the contractors, the companies specify a period of time for this engagement. It may 18 to 24 month at the maximum. This makes sure that these contractors are indeed temporary. It is time to renew the contract of my friend as he is nearing the completion of stipulated time. When I asked him if there was a loophole to make him stay back as a contractor, he wasn't even interested. He wants to move on because it has been "l'année de trop".

It means an year of excess. There has been too many things happening this year that he simply wants to move on. Too much is too bad too. Anyways, you have a new French phrase as part of the French Lessons series.