Movie Review: Maattrraan

K V Anand's movie about conjoined twins tries to be many things except an entertainer. He tells the story of conjoined twins, Vimalan and Akhilan, with Suriya playing both the roles. The two are different like chalk and cheese. The makeup makes them looks different. The actor makes them feel different. Finally, the computer graphics makes the same actor looks conjoined. The CG is tacky. Fifteen minutes into the movie, you tend to overlook this factor. But the trouble with the movie is not any of the above.

It is a terribly long movie with nothing much happening in the first half and a lot of things crammed into the second half. So you see the birth of the twins, their mother refusing to sacrifice one of them and their father struggling to get a foothold to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the first few minutes. This happens in a breeze. Then you see one of the twins flirting with everything that moves and also helping his other shy half to find a suitable girl. At this point, the movie is actually in a standstill till the interval. From the interval, the movie moves from being drama to a mystery.

An uninteresting script and excessive length of the movie kills the joy of watching Suriya on screen. What could be told interesting in a matter of two hours have been stretched beyond that. The action sequence of conjoined twins is the trickiest. When the action is focused only on the conjoined twins, it is an interesting watch. But when the action is focused on the thugs and the conjoined twins together, it becomes confusing. The music by Harris Jayaraj is good. But the songs acts as a speed breaker.

Performance wise, Suriya stands out. He is a good actor. But there is nothing he can do to salvage this movie. Tara as the mother and Sachin Khedekar as the dad acts their part well. As the leading lady, Kajal Aggarwal has to look good. But she miserably fails to do so.

There is nothing in this movie. As the second half is based in Ukraine, you might think of watching this for the foreign locales. I say, No. You are better off with the pictures on the internet and videos on Youtube.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama

Rating: *



  1. Glad I didn't go for the first day show, knew it wouldn't be good looking at the trailers itself...

    1. To be frank, I liked the trailer. That is one of the reasons I went for the movie. :)


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