Movie Review: The Paperboy

A woman is in love with a condemned man on a death row. Two investigators are busy following up a story that might set this condemned man free. The three people are connected by a young man who helps in their investigation by doing odd jobs. In the process, he become jealous of the increasing distance between him and his brother, who is also one of the investigations. He also falls in love with the woman.

Lee Daniels directs this drama which tells the story of coming-off age from the perspective of Jack Jansen(Zac Effron). Nicole Kidman plays Charlotte Bless who is in love with the condemned man while the investigators Ward Jansen and Yardley Acheman are played by Matthew McConaughey and Danny Oyelowo respectively. The condemned man Hillary Van Wetter is enacted by John Cusack.

This is primarily a director's movie. Hence the storytelling overshadows the performance. The performances are good with each of the main character getting away from their comfort zone and acting in a very different role than we had seen them in earlier movies. Though a director's movie, Lee Daniels fails to keep us interested in the proceeding because of a predictable story involving discrimination, coming-off age and violence. The narrative employed by the author fails to hold our attention or keep the movie gripping. As a result, the movie meanders through interesting moments but fails to leave an impression as whole. The story is told by the household maid Anita(Macy Gray) of the Jensens.

When you run out all options for a drama, you may choose this.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: **